Arts Facilitation

Artyfacts Art Academy

Creating the Syllabus-

I had responsibility to co-create the syllabus based on previous successful projects and my own interests and ideas I wanted to experiment with.

Recycled Materials

I was keen to implement a focus on recycled and found materials in order as this is central to my own practice.

I wanted to collaboratively learn alongside the children about these materials through the works that they made and process and techniques they created and adapted.

Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

As part of my undergraduate I was part of a project that delivered printmaking workshops to year 10 students at BACA. Delivering sessions focused on delivering basic skills in monoprinting, drypoint etching and relief printing.

I found that the most effective way of skill sharing within the studio setting was to be creating my own work alongside the students, discussing their own interests and art they liked and providing guidance as needed.

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