BA Degree Show

Civic Focus, 2020 – Multisensory Installation

Due to Covid 19 restrictions the final degree show was cancelled and instead work was presented in a digital format online. My original plan was to exhibit my moving image and collaged prints in a multi sensory installation. As restrictions begin to lift I am seeking gallery space to exhibit Civic Focus and am currently in discussion with several locations.

Visualising Civic Focus in a Public Exhibition Context

Sketch of Civic Focus Installation

Exhibition Statement

This immersive installation work is formed of a series of coordinating hung transparent prints onto which moving image GIFS are projected from 2 opposite walls, co-ordinated with audio played from mounted cassette players around the space.

I aim to use my practice to explore the idea of the preverbal and what cannot be conveyed fully using text or a singular image as an artwork. Exploring the psychogeographical experience of urban spaces through a more physical format, I aim to draw connections from the viewer between methods of presentation. Intercepting and interrupting the digital printing process. Manipulating the image from being simply reproduced. a multitude of multiple materials and formats within one art piece. I aim to use this in order to include more detail than the human eye can see – a more accurate representation of psychogeographical experience. I aim to use my practice to explore the idea of the preverbal and what cannot be conveyed fully using text or a singular image as an artwork. I aim to bring more bodily interaction back into my work – extending my previous photographs – digital prints on paper – physical installations – film/ photographs of installations – presented with multiple on a digital screen and then filmed again. I aim to extend this process by the creating physical prints again from stills of these films.

By layering offset monotype prints of text from conversations extracted from my audio to create a faded less readable effect. Over printing / overpainting many times creating more detail and visual information while simultaneously obscuring details from previous layers. Expand this experimentation to include scanning the manipulated digital prints back into digital form. Cutting up and creating fragments of the original photographs using stitching and fly posting and other crude methods to reconstruct the parts back together again. Overlay transparencies and then scan in / cling film. Experiment inkjet printing onto vinyl allowing more physical manipulation of the digital print – repositioning the stickers to create bubbles, texture and distortion of the image. I aim for each piece in the series to be able to be read individually as well as contributing to each other in creating an overall impression of a place/ scene type of memory allowing viewers to all harness this idea of common memory. This allow allows for a physical object that can be interacted by the viewer in a gallery situation. They can be put into a tape player with the viewer able to make decisions within their participation. They are able to stop and start recordings as they please, changing tapes, zoning into phrases and sentences that resonate with them on a conscious or subaccounts way. Overall the immersive multi- sensory installation aims to leave viewers reflecting on the the experience and temporary qualities of urban space and ways of seeing and experiencing urban space.

Key Presentation References



Bill Viola The Veiling 1995

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