(Sketchbook) Figure Drawing – October 2017

I recently elected to join a figure drawing module with the aim of improving my drawing skills – despite the fact that my works are not typically figurative. 

Where is ‘Home’ in the Housing Crisis? – Monthly Project Update / Reflection

  As my main aim for this project is the use traditional and contemporary print methods to research the housing crisis I have naturally fallen into exploring the Grenfel Tower tragedy as it can be consided a turning point in public / media perception of the housing crisis and can be seen to be aContinue reading “Where is ‘Home’ in the Housing Crisis? – Monthly Project Update / Reflection”

Where is ‘Home’ in the Housing Crisis – Initial Drawings

Initial biro drawings.

Where is ‘Home’ in the Housing Crisis? – Mixed Media (Digital Print/ Drawing/ Collage) Experiments

Large wall based collages to generate composition ideas, and to combine original photographic documentation with found / appropriated images. Digital print on a4 paper, printed from my Epson Sure Colour P600 and then drawn into using biro, collaged directly onto the wall to create temporary works.

This experimentation is the first step to creating a piece for exhibition in Janurary 2018 for which I will be using a combination of traditional and contemporary printing techniques to research the idea of ‘home’ within the UK’s current housing crisis.