Artist Statement

I make multisensory installations that have the process of psychogeographical research at their core.

Centering my aesthetic research using moving image, analogue photography and cassette recording, I walk around urban spaces to explore the spontaneous encounters of everyday life through non-narrative means.

Through interaction and multisensory installation the participant is invited to reflect on seemingly mundane experiences to consider the psychogeography of urban spaces. My work often alludes to the passing of time and the movement and people through architectural spaces.

I use an ambiguous non narrative with details removed, overpainted and recombined to explore physicality of our urban spaces and the psychogeographical experiences this produces on us as we move through them. Utilising mediums such as tracing paper and acetate combined with inkjet prints I aim to explore the notions of absence and presence within experience, changing the urban environments into an experience less familiar.

Selected Group Exhibitions


University of Brighton Online Degree Show, UK.

It’s Not Just Black and White, York, UK.


20×20 Print Exchange, UK.


Everyone is Asking if I’m Okay // No One’s Asking If I’m Okay. London, UK.

View To, Brighton, UK.


Landing, Brighton, UK.

50/50, Brighton, UK.


Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Foundation Diploma Summer Show, London, UK.


Old Palace Senior Summer Show, London, UK.

Old Palace Alternative Fashion and Design Show, London, UK.


Old Palace Senior Summer Show, London, UK.


Sutton Arts Council Annual Exhibition, London, UK.


Sutton Arts Council Annual Exhibition, London, UK.